A Statement of Human Solidarity in the Time of Corona

A Statement of Human Solidarity in the Time of Corona

By 70 Networks, Alliances and Human Rights Organizations from 14 Arab countries

Amman Center for Human Rights Studies

Based on our commitment to human rights and the principles of human solidarity, human dignity and moral responsibility, we urge the international community to steer clear of any political bias during the globally emerging corona pandemic;

Emphasizing the fundamental values of the content of humanity such as: Solidarity, empathy, compassion, tolerance, cooperation and assistance and others;

And when all of humanity became the subject of aggression which dictated the entire world to fight against COVID -19, which is dangerous because of the speed of its spread and how it attacks the health of people and the world economy.

We are aware of the social and economic impact of this virus on humanity as a whole and the consequent responsibility for humanitarian action at this critical moment in history so that humanity can survive this crisis and no one is left behind;

Since the need for many countries and regions to provide people with resources, equipment, medical expertise, and financial tools on a regional and international level, especially to countries at war and those that are subject to blockades and sanctions, requires the provision of human solidarity over political and economic interests;

Believing in the importance of building a new world based on peace, justice, solidarity, mutual support and harmony for “a community of common destiny for humankind” guided by the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and committed to what has been agreed upon in the Paris Convention on Climate Change, and committed to all international agreements to stop the arms race, and to stop the tests and disarm nuclear, chemical, biological and biological weapons;

Convinced of the necessity of stopping all kinds of wars and sanctions, as well as lifting of all forms of siege, acknowledge the importance of resolving conflicts  through peaceful means in accordance with international law and the International Bill of Human Rights, while prioritizing the right of the people to self-determination;

Aware of the necessity to review the priorities of human society and unify global efforts and resources to confront the major challenges of natural disaster, nuclear, chemical and biological spending, international and civil wars, human exploitation, and all forms of colonialism. We must harness science and technology to meet the needs of the people, especially the poor and marginalized;

While we salute all medical staff and medical and quasi-medical and all the actors who are on duty security, media and necessities of life necessary for their lives are at risk;

We praise the medical, paramedical staff, and other personnel that fulfill the duty of security, information and essential life necessities, endangering their lives;

We appreciate all the health and financial initiatives, as well as aids that have been presented to countries that are confronting this deadly virus, such as; France, China, Russia, Cuba, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and others. Such actions demonstrate human solidarity with those who differ in politics, race, color, religion and opinion;

We highly appreciate the efforts of the World Health Organization, the Secretary-General of the United Nations and the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights for their efforts to unify and coordinate international cooperation in the fight against this virus;

We, the human rights organizations demand the following:

First: The United Nations to provide medical assistance and to work for lifting the American economic sanctions to secure medical supplies for the Iranian people.

Second: The United Nations, the Gulf Cooperation Council, and the European Union to provide medical assistance to the Yemeni people; lift blockades, and attempting to bring peace to Yemen through the Yemeni-Yemeni dialogue.

Third: The United Nations and the Gulf Cooperation Council to provide medical and financial assistance to the Palestinian people in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and refugee camps.

Fourth: The Gulf Cooperation Council and Algeria to provide medical and financial assistance to Arab countries in need such as, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Tunisia, and others.

Fifth: The World Health Organization to accelerate the coordination and unification of the efforts of States capable of manufacturing vaccines and medicines for the emerging Coronavirus. It is also preparing a code of ethics by not monopolizing it and to distribute for free to all people of the world as a contribution from the pharmaceutical companies to achieve a “common destiny community of mankind”.

Sixth: The United Nations must work to close all biological and bacteriological research centers with military and aggressive purposes against humans and nature. It must prohibit the creation of such centers and punish those who work in them. And to add this crime, to the crimes against humanity enshrined in the Rome Convention on the International Criminal Court.

Seventh: UN bodies, political and economic actors, as well as thinkers and academics must transform the current challenge into an opportunity to rethink international relations and the pattern of production based on spheres of influence and capital narrow interests to benefit human and people rights fare away from persecution and exploitation.

Eighth: All governments should release prisoners that don’t have severe offenses, especially Palestinian detainees in Israeli occupation prisons. Governments must grant general amnesty for those convicted of criminal cases whose sentences expire before the end of 2020.

Ninth: Human rights organizations and activists in the world must contribute to the awareness efforts in partnership with governments in fight against this aggression on the whole of humanity.

The undersigned organizations:

  1. Amman Center for Human Rights Studies(ACHRS) / Jordan
  2. Jerusalem Center for Human Rights and Legal Aid / Palestine
  3. Moroccan Association for Human Rights / Morocco
  4. Tunisian League for the Defense of Human Rights / Tunisia
  5. Algerian League for the Defense of Human Rights / Algeria
  6. The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights / Egypt
  7. Swiss Academy for Human Rights / Geneva
  8. AL Khiyam Rehabilitation Center for Torture Victims / Lebanon
  9. Yemen Organization for Defending Democratic Rights and Freedoms / Yemen
  10. Libyan Society for Human Rights and Scientific Research / Libya
  11. The Iraqi Network for Iraqi Human Rights Organizations (includes 54 human rights organizations) / Iraq
  12. Maghreb Coordination Association of Human Rights (includes 22 organizations in Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Mauritania)
  13. Bahraini Society for Human Rights / Bahrain
  14. Ma’an in the Serving Humanity / Sudan
  15. Mauritanian Association for the Promotion of Rights / Mauritania
  16. International Center for Supporting Rights and Freedoms / Switzerland
  17. Al-Haq Organization / Palestine
  18. Jordanian Network for Human Rights (includes 10 human rights organizations) / Jordan
  19. Palestinian Center for Peace and Democracy / Palestine
  20. Jordanian Society for Human Rights / Jordan
  21. Darfur Bar Association / Sudan
  22. The Amman Society Forum for Human Rights / Jordan
  23. The Call for Justice / Egypt
  24. Awareness Center for Training in Human Rights / Jordan
  25. The Yemeni Foundation for Combating Human Trafficking / Yemen
  26. Women Visions Association / Jordan
  27. The Moroccan Commission for Human Rights / Morocco
  28. Affected Association for Human Rights / Jordan
  29. Tunisian Forum for Economic and Social Rights / Tunisia
  30. Yazidi Organization for Documentation / Iraq
  31. The Yemeni Council for Rights and Freedoms / Yemen
  32. Iraqi Minority Coalition Network / Iraq
  33. Lebanese Democratic Women Gathering / Lebanon
  34. Tunis Center for Press Freedom/ Tunis
  35. The Center for Human Rights and Democracy Information (Shams) / Palestine
  36. The Independent Trade Union Confederation / Jordan
  37. Yemeni Organization for Defending Human Rights and Democratic Freedoms / Aden
  38. The International Commission for the Support of the Rights of the Palestinian People (Hashd) / Palestine
  39. Babel Organization for Human Rights / Iraq
  40. Arab Women Organization ((AWO) / Jordan
  41. The Tunisian Organization against Torture / Tunisia
  42. Jordan Jurists Association / Jordan
  43. Adalah Foundation for Human Rights / Yemen
  44. The Arab Women Media Center / Jordan
  45. Women Association for Women Support / Jordan
  46. The Yemeni Association for Academic Rights and Freedoms / Yemen
  47. ​​Working Women Association / Jordan
  48. Palestinian Center for the Independence of Law and the Judiciary (Musawah) / Palestine
  49. Association of Economic and Social Forum for Women / Jordan
  50. Freedom of Information and Expression – Hatem / Morocco
  51. The Vigilance Committee for Democracy in Tunisia
  52. Yemeni Coalition against the Death Penalty / Yemen
  53. Al-Awasar Forum for Dialogue / Mauritania
  54. Damascus Center for Theoretical Studies and Civil Rights / Sweden
  55. The Palestinian Coalition against the Death Penalty / Palestine
  56. Human Rights Trainers Association / Iraq and Kurdistan Region
  57. The Arab Coalition against the Death Penalty(includes 11 coalitions and organizations from 10 Arab countries organizations) / Jordan
  58. Tunisian Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty (includes 23 human rights organizations) / Tunisia
  59. Habitat Organization for Rights and Development / Yemen
  60. Egyptian Alliance for Child Rights(includes 100 human rights organizations)/Egypt
  61. Women’s Network for Peace and Security / Yemen
  62. Bahrain Center for Human Rights Studies/Bahrain
  63. Coalition of Moroccan human rights bodies(includes 23 human rights organizations)/Morocco
  64. Sisters Forum for Human Rights / Yemen
  65. Moroccan Forum for Truth and Equity / Morocco
  66. Moroccan Organization for Human Rights / Morocco
  67. Arab Commission for Human Rights / Paris
  68. Committees for the Defense of Human Rights and Democratic Freedoms in Syria
  69. Middle East Foundation for Development and Human Rights / Yemen
  70. Algerian League for Human Rights / Algeria